Driving Test Nerves

Why do people of all ages get so nervous before taking their practical driving test? Driving test nerves can be a huge problem for learners sitting a driving test. Getting too nervous can cause a lot of stress and anxiety on the day of the test. It is one of the main reasons, why otherwise competent drivers, end up failing their Queensland learners test.

The problem occurs when learners become so overwhelmed with nerves, their ability to make complex planning and judgement decisions is severely compromised, leading to unsafe decisions like speeding, failing to give way and so on.

Whilst some driving test nerves are beneficial to help sharpen thinking and thus performance, it is fair to say; anybody feeling overly stressed and anxious should never be behind the wheel of a vehicle. Remember, ‘’what you tell yourself counts’’.

Ensuring you are able to drive relatively calmly and safely, by getting your mental game right, is as important as your practical driving skills on the day. Getting this aspect of your test preparation under control is the key to success!

So why do people stress out?

Driving test nerves are extremely common, especially on test day and also commonly observed whilst conducting ‘practise driving tests’ prior to students sitting their actual test.

Understanding driving test nerves, involves understanding why you are feeling stressed…

We will share strategies and mindsets based on years of experience, to help you normalise the test experience.

Most people will admit the thought of a test or exam can often be accompanied with negative feelings. The driving test is different to most tests because it involves a total assessment of your driving knowledge, skills and awareness. All within a Q-SAFE testing environment, accompanied by a Queensland Transport Examiner you have never met before, overseeing a Pass or Fail scenario!

This is an unusual position for most people to find themselves in! The added pressure of being under the supervision of a Driving Examiner, needing to listen to and follow their verbal instructions can be a challenge in itself. Coupled with the strict assessment criteria being applied to your drive while looking ahead to pick up signs, driving safely in accordance with the road rules can build a lot of pressure!

This can often lead to an unnecessary fail, especially if you do not have practise beforehand. Focused practise on learning how to manage driving test nerves means you know how to manage these challenges on the day of your driving test.

In your lessons with GPS, we will carefully guide you through the various test stages you will experience on the day of your actual test. We will share strategies and mindsets based on years of experience, to help you normalise the test experience. This includes explaining the Examiners Role and their expectations, outlining how a test drive should be approached, providing a detailed insight into the Queensland Driving Test (Q-SAFE)assessment criteria, practising common test routes scenarios and discussing common test errors and ways to improve your result.

The truth is a lot of people place far too much importance on passing a driving test and this is what causes excessive driving test nerves. If you are well prepared, know what to expect, have put in quality practise and undertaken pre-testing, then sitting a driving test becomes a lot less stressful and success a lot more predictable…

In Reasons Why People Get Nervous (Part 1 and Part 2) we look closely at the reasons why students feel so nervous about taking their driving test. We provide useful suggestions on how to reduce the amount of stress and nerves you may experience when taking your Qld driving test.

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