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Choose GPS Driving School for your driving lessons and you are guaranteed to learn!

Our excellence in teaching program offers ‘everything you need to know’ about learning to drive safely.

WE are a highly experienced and dedicated driving school specialising in supporting licensed and learner license holders who are on the Autism Spectrum as well as those with Anxiety, Asperger’s, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, Depression, Schizophrenia and other related learning challenges. Our aim in every driving lesson is to provide an on-time; affordable, customer focused training experience. GPS driving lessons are designed to meet the needs of all students, regardless of experience level, age, gender or cultural background. Whether it is your first ever drive, re- training to build improved defensive driving skills and awareness or preparing for your QLD Practical Driving Test, you can be confident your driving lessons will always be informative, challenging, supportive and on topic.

At GPS Driving School Brisbane you learn all the essential driving skills including a comprehensive understanding on how to apply the road rules. We cover all the tricky manoeuvres like reverse parking, hill starts etc. We also build your confidence with the more difficult driving tasks like freeway merging, busy roundabouts, controlling speed and so on.

In driving lessons we teach and reinforce the critical skills of hazard recognition. This means driving defensively- defending your position on the road! Thinking and acting like a defensive driver means avoiding and preventing accidents happening. On the basis that driving is a shared experience, we teach you how to actively scan, what to look for and how to correctly respond.

We specialise and provide expert advice and training on exactly how to prepare and confidently pass your Queensland Practical Driving Test, first time!

With GPS Driving School, you are guaranteed to receive the same highly qualified and friendly private driving instructor at every driving lesson. This ensures the overall continuity in your skill development whilst learning to drive. Our students regularly achieve a much higher standard of driving competence because of the integrity and quality of our teaching program.

We are committed to helping you all the way… If increasing your knowledge, skills and confidence behind the wheel of a car is what you’re looking for, then GPS Driving School is for you!

Why choose us?

  • Highly qualified and patient Master Driver Trainer.
  • Excellence in teaching program that delivers quality learning outcomes.
  • Affordable lessons  with cost effective lesson rates that offer exceptional value for money.
  • Higher first time PASS rates in Q-Safe driving tests.
  • Targeted lessons that are needs led and individually focused.
  • Guaranteed to learn quicker and more effectively with predictable end results…

Learn faster with a Master Driver Trainer

GPS Driving School is operated by a qualified, 35+ year trained, professional Teacher and Master Driver Trainer (Driving Instructor). This means you receive the very highest level of teaching and instruction available anywhere in Brisbane along with the safety and reassurance of being overseen by a more effective Master Driver Trainer.

With only a 1:100 chance of ever finding a Master Trainer, choosing GPS Driving School Brisbane guarantees you will be learning to drive from one of the very best!

High First Time Pass Rates

The majority of students learning to drive will eventually sit their QLD Practical Driving Test and attain their license. At GPS, we specialise in this area and offer the very best training to prepare learner drivers to successfully pass their practical driving test. All students we teach pass their driving test on their first attempt with outstanding results and feedback from the driving examiner.

The reasons for such a high pass rate with GPS are simple:-

  • Your private driving instructor at GPS is very experienced- you are guaranteed to learn quicker and more effectively.
  • Our Driving lessons Brisbane west also provide an enhanced insight into your driving test. This includes an in-depth look into how the driving examiner applies the assessment criteria. In simple terms, understanding what types of driving errors will pass or fail you! Test preparation lessons will focus on the roads around your chosen test area. GPS is a leading driving school, where our training delivers all the disciplined driving tasks, behaviours and quality standards your driving examiner will test you on. This knowledge is critical to successfully manage your test experience, first time!
  • We offer students a practise driving test which is exactly like the actual Queensland practical driving test you take with your Driving Examiner. We highly recommend that you complete one or more practise driving test lessons with us. At the completion of each practise test, you will receive a detailed report listing the errors you made. This feedback and new knowledge is proving extremely helpful in preventing students from failing unnecessarily.
  • GPS Driving School uses a targeted approach in our teaching, rather than following a standardized program that adopts a ‘one fits all’ approach. Our teaching strategies reinforces your strengths and develops your weaknesses. We are continually assessing and identifying those specific skill and knowledge sets, where you need most help. This is producing a very high standard of driver competence in all our Brisbane students.

Students we teach

GPS is a leading provider of driving lessons to:

  • First time learner drivers of all ages including teenagers and adults.
  • More experienced learners and reluctant learner drivers.
  • Mature age students over 25 years old, exempt from completing the 100 hr Log book.
  • Foreign license conversions and international students.
  • Pensioners and anyone wanting to update their knowledge and skills.
  • Students with specific learning difficulties and challenges including Autism, Anxiety, ADHD and others.
  • Students looking for manual driving lessons or automatic car driving lessons (in the school car or your car).
  • Those individuals seeking more advanced driving lessons and/or defensive driving lessons.

Affordable Driving School Lessons with GPS

We are one of the most competitive driving schools for the inner Brisbane west suburbs because our lesson rates are extremely cost-effective and always focus on the Quality of your driving lessons rather than the quantity. As a result we find our students are simply learning more in less time and saving money in the process. Please visit our Driving Lessons Costs / Pricing Page on this website to find out why it costs less to learn to drive with your private driving instructor at GPS Driving School.

Driving Lesson Locations

GPS Driving School will come to your Brisbane home, School, work place or University. Our service area includes a large proportion of Brisbane suburbs. Please see our main Brisbane service area illustrated on our Locations Map. Even if you live out of these areas, we may still be able to provide driving lessons to help you to learn to drive, please contact us to discuss.

Some of the Brisbane suburb areas GPS regularly conduct professional driving lessons include:

  • Brisbane City and surrounding suburbs within an approximate 5-10 km radius.
  • Ashgrove, The Gap, Bardon, Rosalie and proximate other western Brisbane suburbs.
  • Toowong, Taringa, Indooroopilly, St Lucia and surrounding inner south-western Brisbane suburbs.
  • Jindalee, Chapel Hill, Kenmore, Brookfield and surrounding outer south-western suburbs of Brisbane.
  • Graceville, Chelmer, Sherwood and Corinda and surrounding suburbs.

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