GPS Driving School is a leader in providing time efficient, high value learning to first time drivers, mature students and foreign license holders aiming to successfully complete their practical driving test. Read our reviews.

We guarantee you will learn at each and every lesson by receiving valuable feedback and targeted practise. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive driving lessons and focused drills, designed to help you learn to drive safely as well as successfully pass your driving test. We service a wide range of suburbs within a 10 km radius of Brisbane CBD, including Brisbane’s Western suburbs.

Our lesson costs are affordable and very competitive.

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Your GPS Driving Instructor Brisbane

Your GPS driving instructor Brisbane – Trevor – is the owner and founder of GPS Driving School in Brisbane.  He is also the Principal Master Driver Trainer who will teach you in your driving lessons. GPS Driving School was established in 2011 and Trevor has been an active and Accredited QLD Driver Trainer/Instructor since 2007.

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Trevor has additional driver training (driving instructor) qualifications to that of a Master Driver Trainer. This means access to a different type of driving school instructor – more qualified and infinitely more effective. There are approx.1500 driver trainers in QLD compared with only 50 Master Driver Trainers. In Brisbane alone, there are only 11 Master Driver Trainers available!

Your accredited car driving instructor is a university trained, experienced Secondary Teacher and Adult Trainer. He has over 25 years’ industry experience and further study in a variety of related teaching, training and counselling roles. Besides being a highly qualified and experienced Brisbane driving instructor, Trevor has other qualities that are equally important for your driving lessons to run smoothly. He is friendly with lots of patience. He has a plan to help you learn. With his calm and understanding approach, you will experience driving instructor lessons of the highest standard, where you are guaranteed to learn more.  Please read student testimonials.

Choosing one of the very best Brisbane driving instructors is now possible through the Master Driver Trainer program offered by GPS.


Trevor’s qualifications and experience make him a top driving instructor in Brisbane. Some of Trevor’s related qualifications and accreditations are listed below.

  • Accredited Master Driver Trainer, Qld
  • Qualified and accredited Qld Driver Trainer
  • Member, Australian Driver Trainers Association
  • Professional Secondary Teacher
  • Professional Addictions Counsellor
  • Professional Youth Justice Mediator

 Why Choose GPS Driving School?

Our secrets to success are based on providing clear and measureable differences between us and other driving schools and other local driving instructors. These include:

  1. A passionate focus on quality of service, customer service and exceeding our student’s expectations.
  2. A consistently safe, supportive and progressive learning environment that is varied and challenging, interesting and enjoyable.
  3. A highly qualified and experienced Master Driver Trainer (Driving Instructor) with many years of focused teaching experience.
  4. Competitive driving instructor lesson rates aimed at providing absolute value for money, through the delivery of time efficient, highly informative and structured training.
  5. A teaching programme incorporating individual driving lessons that are fully planned, delivered, assessed and reviewed to provide continual feedback as you progress.
  6. A hazard perception course aimed at developing the critical skill of defensive driving. Defensive driving means recognising and avoiding accidents. We teach this critical skill by providing focused commentary drives. These are advanced techniques used by the police, rally navigators and others designed to vastly improve your observation and higher order thinking skills. These skills include road awareness, observation of signs and lines, active scanning, judgement and decision-making skills that better manage hazards whilst driving.
  7. A unique insight into the Q-SAFE practical driving test. Learn how to manage your pre-test nerves. Understand exactly what to expect on the day of your driving test including what your driving examiner is looking for and how to manage a successful outcome.
  8. Access to a professional car driving instructor in Brisbane with additional supporting qualifications in counselling and coaching. Trevor is very effective at teaching a broader cross section of students with learning challenges and difficulties. This can include students with Asperger’s, Autism, anxiety and so on. By choosing GPS, you can ensure you are receiving the ‘right help,’ to overcome the added challenges of learning how to drive.
  9. A highly referred and recommended Brisbane Driving Instructor with 80% of new students and families choosing GPS, based on recommendation from a friend or family member.
  10. Success and learning that will last you a life time…

We provide driving instructor lessons in most Brisbane suburbs. If you are looking for a car driving instructor Brisbane in Ashgrove, Bardon, Toowong, Windsor, Newmarket, Chapel Hill, Oxley, Middle Park, Kenmore, West End, Fairfield, as well as many other Brisbane suburbs please call on 0430 284 285 or take a look at the suburb list in our Contact Us Page and book a driving lesson with your GPS private driving instructor today.