What are the Most Common Driving Test Mistakes?

Top Reasons For Failing the Practical Driving Test by GPS Driving School in Brisbane

What Are The Top Reasons Why People Fail Their Practical Driving Test?

As an instructor, I am often asked this question by students who are working towards sitting their practical driving test. Over many years of instruction and having conducted hundreds of driving tests with students, I have observed some returning from their driving test having failed- why?

The two main reasons include:

1. Feeling too nervous
2. Being under prepared

Most Common Driving Test Mistakes

From these two key reasons, the following list provides an insight into the most common driving test mistakes students commit. These include:

  • Speeding – exceeding the speed limit by 1 Kph or more.
  • Failing to stop completely at stop signs.
  • Failing to give way at various intersections including multi-lane roundabouts.
  • Failing to maintain a correct road position prior to or after turning.
  • Failing to give way in manoeuvres, for example, reversing or reverse parking.
  • Failing to maintain a reasonable safety margin when following or passing moving and parked vehicles, cyclists and other hazards.
  • Failing to understand and obey regulated traffic signs, lines and road markings.
  • Failing to respond and take evasive action when another vehicle fails to give way.
  • Accumulating too many non-critical driving errors. For example, poor shoulder checking, indicator use, steering and pedal control including clutch use, inconsistent road position and poor understanding of road rules.
  • Poor judgement and decision making when preparing to merge or enter the line of traffic
  • Stalling whilst in traffic.
  • Vehicle not roadworthy.

…students who are fully prepared and have undertaken professional driving lessons, perform dramatically better on their first attempt.

For students who want to increase their chances of passing their driving test on the first attempt, we strongly advise a course of professional driving lessons. These guarantee you’ve been taught ‘everything you need to know’ about the correct way to drive and successfully prepare for your actual driving test. All the industry evidence supports the fact that students who are fully prepared and have undertaken professional driving lessons, perform dramatically better on their first attempt.

Professional driving Lessons with GPS Driving School are the most effective way to ensure you are fully prepared to take your practical driving test.

To be aware of the top reasons for failing and to avoid making these most common driving test mistakes in your test, call your private driving instructor Trevor on 0430 284 285.

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