An absolute minimum of 72 hours’ notice is required should you need to cancel or alter your booking.

We trust you understand when you book a lesson; we allocate a vehicle and Trainer’s time, to the exclusion of all other students wanting to book lessons. A late cancelled lesson means your instructor is unable to work nor able to re-book their vehicle in enough time.

We trust you appreciate the need to maintain your booked lesson and provide a minimum of 72 hours’ notice.  If you cancel, for whatever reason, the full price of your lesson is payable as the booking remains that of the customer.

You can be assured our commitment to you is to provide a clean modern vehicle and a professional trainer to turn up on time on your allocated lesson day and time. If we are running late by more than 5 minutes because of traffic delays you have our assurance we will contact you.

Lateness and non-attendance

If you arrive late for a lesson, the instructor will only be able to offer you the balance of the lesson time remaining because they may have other booked lessons and time does not allow them to extend your lesson time further.

If you do not attend a lesson and fail to show up on the day, you will be charged the full lesson cost.

Unpaid lesson fees or late fees

All significant amounts of money left unpaid may be pursued through a relevant debt collection agency where further charges may apply for the administration and collection of late fees conducted by a third party. This applies for customers failing to meet their agreed obligations under our GPS Policy for non-payment of lessons completed, late cancellation of driving lessons or driving tests and after all reasonable steps have been taken to recover the outstanding amount.

Exceptional circumstances

In the event of an exceptional circumstance, it is at the trainer’s discretion to waiver this fee.