Understanding why you get nervous will teach you how to beat driving test nerves. Many learner drivers fail their driving test because they are just too nervous. The reasons why people get nervous are described below and some suggestions are given on how to beat driving test nerves.

Peer influence and expectations

Effective learning is the secret to becoming a competent driver.

Worrying about what others think is usual amongst young people. Feeling pressure from friends who say they, “passed first time,” can add up! Experiences of friends failing multiple times or the desire not to ‘be seen’ as a failure, are all common thoughts students report. In reality, everyone is different. We all learn in different ways. By accepting that you’re on your individual journey and ignoring what you think other people might say, is a helpful starting point to overcoming driving test nerves.

Please accept that most people will be supportive and understanding of anyone preparing to sit a driving test. As long as you have prepared properly, your greatest fears will never be realised!

Feeling under prepared

Amazingly, too many students have a driving test booked and feel under confident and under prepared. Driving is a skill requiring multiple decisions and tasks to be performed at the same time. These complex mental and physical responses do not come naturally or straight away to most learners. They require time and practise and the guidance of a more experienced driver.

Effective learning is the secret to becoming a competent driver. If you do not feel confident about every aspect of driving and driving tests, then please consider further focused training.  Feeling prepared is one of the best ways to overcoming driving test nerves.

Previous test failures

Often students perform much better in their second driving test, after having broken down the fear in their first test. Remember, the driving test measures how you perform in that specific 30 minute test window. Failing does not necessarily mean you are not going to be a good driver. It simply means on the day of your test, you did not meet all the assessment criteria. You scored too many non-critical and/or critical driving errors.

Learning from what you did wrong is a great helper. Putting the first failed test down to experience and improving your skills through professional lessons, are useful ways of turning a negative into a positive.

Overwhelmingly, professional driving lessons with a Master Driver Trainer at GPS Driving School are the most effective way to learn how to beat driving test nerves and to ensure you are fully prepared to take your Q-SAFE practical driving test and PASS at Rosalie, Sherwood, Greenslopes or Carseldine Queensland Transport Testing Centres.

How to overcome driving nerves? Take expert driving lessons with GPS Driving School in Brisbane