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Information on Written and Practical Driving Tests

This link provides information regarding your practical driving test from the Queensland Department including how to sit your written test, book your test, payment options and also contact information should you need to change or cancel your booking. In addition there is also information regarding what you need to take to your practical test, the maximum duration of the on-road test and information for you should you either pass or fail your test.

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Steps to getting your license

This link provides in depth information on learning to drive, getting a license, driving inter-state, medical conditions, license demerit points, suspensions and disqualification information and much, more

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Your keys to driving in Queensland

This link is very useful if you are seeking information about up-to-date driver licensing requirements and rules of the road. From this link you are able to download a publication which contains all the essential information. It is also possible to purchase a hardcopy and where you can find it is listed on the webpage.

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Welcome to the practise road rules test

This link allows you to practise your general road rules tests. The questions used in these tests are similar to the questions on your real tests. Many tests contain 30 questions which you could be asked when applying for your license.

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FAQ’s – GPS Driving School

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How many driving lessons do I need so I can pass the QLD Practical Driving Test?

The number of driving lessons you will need depends on various factors such as if you have already had lessons elsewhere before coming to GPS Driving School and whether you are likely to suffer from driving test nerves on the actual day of your test.  Each student also learns at their own pace, some quicker and some slower.  No matter what your previous skills, Trevor will bring out the best in you and ensure you are well prepared to take your Queensland Practical Driving Test.

Do you conduct driving lessons in the suburb where I live?

GPS Driving School conducts driving lessons across most of the Brisbane area and we come to your home, school, University or workplace to pick you up and drop you off after the lesson.  To see if your home suburb is within our driving lesson area, please visit our Locations Serviced Page.

Do you conduct lessons over the weekend?

Yes, we conduct lessons on Saturday all day.  We are however not available on Sundays.

Do you offer advanced driving lessons?

Yes we do, we offer beginner, intermediate and advanced driving lessons.

How many errors can I make before I fail the QLD Practical Driving Test?

The number of driving errors you can make before you fail are eight non-critical errors and zero critical driving errors.

Do you conduct lessons for people with an international drivers licence?

Yes we do, we can help you with your foreign license conversion.

Do you offer practice driving tests?

Yes, practice driving tests are invaluable to ensure you are prepared for the actual Queensland Practical Test.  Our practice driving test lessons are identical to the actual    Q- Safe driving test and will also be conducted on similar routes that you will be driving on your actual test day.

Why do you claim that driving lessons are more cost-effective with GPS Driving School?

The reason why our lessons are more cost-effective is because you receive more instruction and feedback, which helps you learn faster with our expert instructor. Our students generally require fewer lessons because of the professional and time sensitive driving lessons and hence save money with GPS Driving School.  There are also several other reasons why driving lesson costs are more affordable with GPS Driving School. Please check out our website for more information.

How much do your driving lessons cost?

A standard 60 minute lesson costs $65 a 75 minute lesson costs $80 and a 90 minute lesson costs $95.

How do I book lessons?

Just click on the Book Now option on our website and fill in the Contact Form or you can call us on 0430 284 285.

If your question is not in this list of FAQs please call us and we will provide you with the information that you need.