Driving test errors explained by GPS Driving School, Brisbane

In this section you will gain a much better understanding of the range of Critical and Non-critical driving errors a Driving Examiner can apply to your drive when undertaking your practical driving test.

During the driving test you will be supervised and assessed by a Queensland Transport Driving Examiner. They will assess your ability to drive on roads that typically reflect the types of intersections and traffic scenarios you should have experienced in your practise with your supervisor and driving instructor.

Your driving test lasts for approximately 30 minutes and whilst you are driving, the examiner will note any driving errors you commit on an assessment form that you will see at the end of your test.

Driving Errors Are Divided Into Three Categories:

1. Non-Critical Driving Error (NCDE)

Non critical driving errors are driving faults which are less serious and therefore do not cause any actual danger to other road users.

  • If you score 8 or fewer non-critical driving errors during your test and do not commit any critical errors, you will PASS your test.
  • If you score more than non-critical errors you will FAIL your test.

2. Specific Repeated Driving Errors (SRDE)

Specific Repeated Driving Errors are driving faults a student repeatedly makes.

For example, continually failing to shoulder check, indicate correctly, steer correctly, adopt the correct road position, repeated stalling and so on.

  • If you commit or more specific repeated driving errors during your test, you can FAIL.

3. Critical Driving Error (CDE)

Critical Driving Test Errors are faults in your test which results in a contravention of the road law like disobeying regulated traffic signs and road markings or causing obstruction and danger to other road users, for example, failing to give way and many more…

  • If you score critical driving error you will FAIL your test.

We offer you the best chance of passing your driving test, first time.

At the end of your test, your driving examiner will let you know your result. They will give you feedback on your drive including a verbal explanation of where you went wrong. You will then receive a successful or unsuccessful result!

To learn more about driving test errors, see the list of Common Driving Test Errors in the next section. This section has many actual examples of the Critical and Non-critical errors a Driving examiner can apply to your driving test.

With GPS Driving School we ensure your driving lessons provide plenty of practise and feedback on all the driving manoeuvres and driving skills. Importantly how your drive actually relates to the critical and non-critical driving test errors that drivers commonly make. We will ensure that you are confident and informed in all of these areas before you undertake your practical driving test.

Our goal is to ensure you can deliver a smooth, safe, relaxed drive. To display the skills and disciplines required to ensure you can drive without speeding, observe your signs, lines and road markings, drive defensively and manage a range of roads and intersections from easy to difficult. To perform all tasks when it is safe to do so…

This is the standard we aim for and it gets results! We offer you the best chance of passing your driving test, first time.

Our focused driving test lessons help you to avoid the common driving test errors that cause otherwise competent drivers to unnecessarily fail their driving test.

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