GPS Driving Lessons In Brisbane

At GPS Driving School, we offer first class driving instruction that is highly informative, student focused and very cost effective. Whether you are just starting out as learner, working through your log book hours or aiming to book a QLD Practical Driving Test, we are here to help you.

About GPS

At GPS, we promote and practise the principles of Excellence in Teaching. An approach built on delivering accurate information, recognising current skill levels, targeting feedback and providing challenging and focused practise to ultimately achieve success.

Our guarantee is to deliver an up to date, on time learning experience that is customer focused and without stress! You will learn everything you need to know in a calm, relaxed professionally managed learning environment. Our car driving classes provide you with a place where practise and learning is made a lot easier!

The High Standard of GPS

We can assure you, car driving lessons with GPS coupled with the expertise of a Master Driver Trainer will return the best, value for money training your money can buy. In the teaching programme there are three progressive levels of training provided:

1. Beginner
2. Intermediate
3. Advanced

Your driving classes start, ‘where you are at.’ Our goal is to deliver targeted, efficient training that focuses on what ‘you need’ to learn to drive, and at a pace that works for you.

All GPS car driving lessons ensure you are continually exposed to a variety of local and more challenging roads. We will introduce you to different driving intersections, from easy to more difficult, across the Brisbane area. These include negotiating multi-lane turns and roundabouts, high speed freeway merging, clearing blocked intersections, recognising signs and road markings and so on… .

During your driving classes your master driver trainer will consistently focus on developing your higher order thinking skills. These being skills of observation and active scanning, hazard recognition, judgement, decision making and the application of the road rules specifically. Car Driving lessons will include:

  • A lesson review of your previous driving class to address any concerns you have on your driving skills, knowledge and understanding. This also includes all the technical manoeuvres as well as anything you are uncertain of.
  • Identifying your learning goals within the lesson and providing up to date information, clear instruction & demonstration that is supported by targeted practise on-road.
  • Continual feedback to correct and reinforce all aspects of your drive; backed up with full illustrations and diagrams to aid your learning. At the completion of your car driving lesson, we conduct a full review of your learning that reinforces the key messages to be taken away and practised under supervision.
  • Defensive Driving lessons built-in to your normal lesson time. Defensive driving means recognising and avoiding accidents occurring altogether. We teach this critical skill by providing focused commentary drives that vastly improve your higher order thinking skills. These skills include road awareness, observation, active scanning, judgement, decision-making and response skills to better manage hazards whilst driving.

Over time, the repetition of key messages naturally develops your awareness and ability to act more defensively. Remember the goal is to not hit anything and not let anyone hit you!

  • A complete lesson review to compare your drive with the Q-Safe assessment criteria. This is the same criteria your driving examiner will apply on the day of your driving test. You will receive a detailed 85 topic, competency based assessment profile that details your progress and how you are performing. This continual assessment is an integral part of our Excellence in Teaching Program and represents a higher quality standard when compared with other Brisbane Driving Schools.

Standard of GPS Driving Lessons

At GPS Driving School we pride ourselves in providing the best driving lessons in Brisbane based on our Excellence in Teaching Program. We make sure every student reaches their goal to become an informed, skilled and safe driver. We also fully train you to successfully pass your Qld Practical Driving Test and much, much more…

Choose the best and learn with a Master Driver Trainer. We guarantee you will be impressed with how much you learn.


At GPS Driving School we provide a full range of driving lessons including:-

  • learner driver lessons including driving lessons for teenagers as well as all other ages seeking to learn to drive
  • automatic and manual lessons offered
  • defensive driving classes
  • driving licence classes (including conversions from international licences)
  • driving classes for adults (refresher lessons and/or advanced car driving classes)
  • practical driving test lessons


To book driving lessons with GPS Driving School please complete our Booking/Enquiry Form noting your preferred day(s) and times or call your private driving instructor Trevor direct on 0430284285.

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