GPS is a small, first class driving school providing professional and cost effective driving lessons. We pride ourselves on teaching more in less time, saving you money on your overall lesson costs. In fact, you will pay less when learning to drive with GPS because of our time efficient, targeted training strategies and desire to deliver a higher level of service that returns you real value for money.



The reasons why it costs less to learn with GPS are simple:-

  1. With specialised tailored lessons directed at your particular learning needs, the training time you pay for is focused on the skills you require most help with. This means you will receive great value for money by not paying for time spent in areas where you are already a capable driver.
  2. Your driving instructor has extensive experience as well as higher training qualifications. This means you are guaranteed to receive lessons from someone who has the skills and knowledge to be a more effective manager of the learning time and your learning needs.
  3. Our experience at GPS Driving School shows that 75 minutes is the optimum lesson period to better manage the overall learning experience and to provide the best outcomes. Lots of shorter lessons, whilst seemingly cheaper initially, will cost more overall. Time is simply lost through pick-up and drop-off and lesson setup and review so the time window for learning and practise becomes much shorter.

Standard Lesson Prices

75 Minute
From $135

Special Needs / Learning Difficulties

From $135 -$160. Please call the driving school to qualify your request.
Other Concerns


Driving Test PREP Package
1x60 min Drive lesson
1x75 min Manoeuvre lesson
1x60 min Practise Test lesson
Driving Test Package
Pick up and drop off
1x 60 min lesson before test
Use of car during test


At GPS driving school we want to save you money when you are learning to drive. Please don’t be mislead by other driving schools offering lessons cheaply. They will take longer to teach the programme, and be less experienced in teaching. In the long run, whilst you might save some money per lesson, your overall cost will be much greater. Simply put, we teach more in less time and this saves you money in the long run and achieves a much better result.

driving lesson costs


An absolute minimum of 72 hours’ notice is required should you need to cancel or alter your booking.

We trust you understand when you book a lesson; we allocate a vehicle and Trainer’s time, to the exclusion of all other students wanting to book lessons. A late cancelled lesson means your instructor is unable to work nor able to re-book their vehicle in enough time.

We trust you appreciate the need to maintain your booked lesson and provide a minimum of 72 hours’ notice.  If you cancel, for whatever reason, the full price of your lesson is payable as the booking remains that of the customer.

You can be assured our commitment to you is to provide a clean modern vehicle and a professional trainer to turn up on time on your allocated lesson day and time. If we are running late by more than 5 minutes because of traffic delays you have our assurance we will contact you.

For more information please see the full Cancellation Policy.