At GPS Driving School we teach people off all ages how to drive, however, naturally a large amount of our customers are younger people looking to get their license for the first time. Lessons from an experienced and qualified driving instructor are of upmost importance in ensuring that new drivers develop good driving habits and that all skills are covered correctly.

It is also important that students have the maximum possible supervised time behind the wheel in order to build their new skills and experience. This task often falls to parents or guardians, so with this in mind, we have provided our top 10 Tips for anyone supervising a learner driver, to ensure continuity of key messages between driver trainer and supervising driver.

Top 10 Tips to reinforce when supervising learner drivers

1. Steering

Ensure the correct hand position on the wheel is either at 10 to 2 or 9 to3 on the clock.

2. Road Position

Encourage learners to drive to the left hand side of lane where practically possible.

3. Following Distance

Maintain 2-3 seconds following distance at all times.

4. Mirrors

Check your rear view mirror every 15-20 seconds and especially before braking.

5. Indication

Provide a minimum 30-60 metres indication notice before turning.

6. Changing Lanes

Please follow this sequence of safety checks. Remember – M.I.S:

  1. Mirrors– Check rear view mirror and side mirror to view lane traffic and observe ahead
  2. Indicator – Turn on indicator if lane is clear (this should be on for 3-5 seconds)
  3. Shoulder Check – check your blind spot – avoid drifting into other lane whilst checking

7. Roundabouts

Look early, plan early and remain continuous where possible. The correct indication sequence is as follows:

To turn left, Indicate left onto a roundabout and indicate left whilst exiting

To turn right, indicate right onto a roundabout and indicate left whilst exiting

To go straight, do not indicate on but indicate left whilst exiting.

8. Active Scanning

Scan street entrances on your left and right as well as vehicles ahead turning right across your path. Scan right and left as you pass through Green light intersections. Scan for vehicles behind before braking.

9. Identify Lane Signs Early

Identify Form 1 Lane and Left Lane Ends signs early, and safety check the lane beside you in your side mirrors.

10. Evasive Action

Stay alert and concentrate 100% of the time. Be prepared to take evasive action for cyclists, pedestrians and other road users at all times.



top 10 tips for parents