At GPS Driving School we teach you how to drive safely and also ensure you are fully prepared for your practical Qld driving test. Once you have effectively mastered safe driving skills through your GPS Driving School lessons, you will be able to confidently take a practical driving test with a much greater chance of passing first time!

The practice driving test lessons we conduct closely resemble the actual test that you will take on the day with your Driving Examiner. You are welcome to undertake as many practical practice driving test lessons as you feel necessary, to adequately prepare and feel confident in your abilities to pass. For the costs of pre-driving test lessons with GPS Driving School, please visit our Pricing Page.

Please note as a student of GPS Driving School you have the option of using the driving school car for your driving test.

Queensland Practice Driving Test lessons

Taking practical driving test lessons are an excellent opportunity to learn how to better manage the inevitable feelings of nervousness. 

To best prepare for your actual practical driving test, we conduct a complete review of the Q-Safe practical driving test with you. We will step you through the entire process from booking to undertaking your driving test. This practice driving test lesson is specifically designed to help you improve your test result, offering all the helpful hints on common driving errors and how to avoid these. You will receive a written assessment report detailing both critical and non-critical errors, along with written suggestions on what areas of your drive need improving.

The practice driving test lesson is viewed as critical to your success when preparing to actually sit a practical driving test. It is important because this driving test lesson gives you a ‘real feel’ for what a test looks like and the pressure it brings. From completing vehicle checks and instrumentation tasks to the actual 30 minute practical driving test. This practice driving test lesson also incorporates common test route roads and intersections including successfully performing at least two manoeuvres. Examples of manoeuvres include reverse parking, reversing, U-turns, hill starts etc.

Feeling nervous and anxious is a big issue for many students when being assessed and tested. Practice driving lessons and test are an excellent opportunity to learn how to better manage the inevitable feelings of nervousness. 

Students’ Feedback on our Practice Driving Test LESSONS

The majority of students find the practice driving test lessons with GPS to be very informative and helpful. Students often report feeling far more comfortable and confident regarding their abilities to pass the actual Queensland Driving Test after completing practical practice driving test lessons – or just one practical test lesson.

Students are often surprised to have learnt so much in such a short time. Practising on the streets that they are likely to drive on in their practical Qld driving test is also mentioned by students as being really helpful in building their confidence and road knowledge.

If you want to have the best chance of passing your Queensland Driving Test first time, we strongly recommend that you take our Driving test Prep Package or even just one lesson, to find out exactly where your driving ability is and what areas of your drive need improving.

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