GPS Driving School conduct driving lessons in Paddington, Milton and their neighbouring suburbs and would like to help you to learn to drive and pass your practical driving test first time round.

It is logical to have your driving lessons in the areas around where you live as these are the roads that you will be using most often.  GPS Driving School will come to your home to collect you for your lessons which will initially be conducted in the local streets within your area.  As you progress and become more confident and your driving skills increase your GPS Paddington driving school instructor will also teach you to drive on the busier roads and more difficult intersections around the inner Brisbane suburbs of Milton, Paddington, Rosalie etc area and also further afield within Brisbane.

Learning in these areas has the added benefit that you will most likely be tested on these roads as well.  For learner drivers living in these particular suburbs you are most likely to take your practical driving test at the Rosalie test centre and thus the roads that your driving lessons are conducted on will also be the roads that you will be tested on.

Why Choose GPS Driving School for your Driving Lessons?

We believe that we at GPS Driving School provide superior lessons to many of the other Brisbane driving schools.  The main reasons why we believe our lessons are more effective are:-

  • Your driving lessons will always be conducted by the same driving instructor, thus each lesson will build on the last lesson with your skills development, road rules and defensive driving will be focussed on.
  • Trevor will be your driving instructor and Trevor is not only calm, friendly and supportive but has the highest levels of driving instructor qualifications.  This together with Trevor’s extensive experience as a driver trainer means you will be getting your lessons from one of the best instructors in Brisbane.  (This is reflected in the very high first time pass rate that GPS Driving School students obtain).

Contact GPS Driving School

Please call Trevor direct on 0430 284 2852 to book your first driving lesson to discover yourself how effective (and cost-effective) GPS Driving School lessons are.

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Trevor your GPS Driving Instructor